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Lucy Boyd

I’m a travel-loving designer who spends any spare time walking my dog Frankie, meeting up with friends and heading to the beach. My main areas of focus are UI design, UX design and branding. I am currently working as a Digital Designer for Pale Blue Dot.

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The Conscious Traveller

“It’s full capacity so I’ll just try again next year” , “I would love to volunteer but I’m just not sure how to apply and where I could go” , “Maybe I’m too old now which is a shame”…

Just a small number of excuses I’ve heard over the years from people trying to volunteer abroad and ‘putting it off until next year’. Most people become discover these schemes through schools, clubs and organisations but for those who aren’t involved this can be difficult to know where to begin.

The Conscious Traveller allows users to discover organisations with volunteering schemes all around the world. Whether you are interested in teaching a language, building homes, marine conservations or maybe you are a medical professional wanting to help out in underprivileged hospitals you can find all the information you need through this service.

Refining the search to your specific interests you can discover different schemes in multiple continents suitable for you. All you need to do is apply!

The Process

The process of The Conscious Traveller began with lots of research. The initial stage was to conduct some market research and through this I found that 7 in 10 people find volunteering through a group, club or organisation.  This statistic was very interesting and I wanted to find out how those who weren't involved in these groups researched volunteering schemes and if it was a simple process.

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The next step was to get feedback from the users themselves and through a number of surveys I discovered that the target market found that there was too much information when they were looking for schemes leaving them frustrated and missing deadlines to apply. From here I created some user personas and began the process of designing some wireframes and flows to demonstrate how individual users would navigate throughout the site.

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The Brand

I wanted the brand to feel very organic. The Conscious Traveller is about giving back and helping those less fortunate so I chose the green tones as this represents life, renewal and growth to reflect the values of the company. The logo also reflects this with the leaf like shape which is also like a location pin on a map for the travel element of the company.

The logo is made up of different layers which can be used separately to create a pattern for a brand identity.

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The Outcome

Once I had built the site using Bubble I conducted some user research. The feedback from this demonstrated that the site had good usability which was a great result. Overall this project has allowed me to develop on both my strengths and weakness and gave me a great opportunity to work through the whole design process from research to build.

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