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Lucy Cook

Hi I’m Lucy, a User Experience Designer with a passion for innovative UI designs and a love for fun illustrations. I have previously worked as a UX designer for a medical software company called Cirdan. In my spare time, you'll find me illustrating, attending design events and Irish dancing.

My major project is a travel inspiration and planning app called Hidden. Unlock the secrets of a city by connecting with locals and past visitors to discover the hidden gems of your next adventure.

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The Project

Over the past year, we’ve been forced to stay at home, shielding ourselves from the virus that is COVID-19. However, the end is in sight - are you ready to pack your bags and travel the world again?

Hidden allows you to browse for travel inspiration, you can get inspired by images and videos from around the world of lesser-known locations and exhilarating activities. Save these posts and create trip folders to plan the itinerary of your next adventure. Share your trip folder with co-travellers, allowing everyone to contribute to the planning. And in each destination, collect a souvenir for visiting, building a visual representation of your travels.

The Process

Hidden started by conducting competitor analysis to understand what products are currently available in the travel market and identifying a gap. As well as user research to establish the type of users that need a product like Hidden, with the help of creating surveys, interviews and user personas.

I then designed a brand for Hidden, exploring styling elements, tone of voice and illustrations. Although I was creating a very content heavy based app, I knew from the beginning I wanted it to be as illustrative as possible. Illustration and gamification are things I hadn’t seen in any other travel apps and therefore would push Hidden into that excelling bracket of popular travel apps.

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The app development started by creating user flows and sketches, then moving digitally from a low fidelity wireframe to a high fidelity prototype. User testing improved the development of Hidden greatly, gaining insights from potential users helped push the Hidden app further.

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The Outcome

This project is down to the knowledge I’ve built over the last four years from both studying Interaction Design and working in the design industry. I believe Hidden provides users with a great user experience, beautiful interface designs and consistent brand design.

Check out the high fidelity Hidden prototype, and watch the promotional video below. Hidden’s full development process can also be viewed here.