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My name is Caoimhe Walsh and I am a Visual Communication Designer. I have a particular interest in content creation, visual merchandising, styling and identity design within the Fashion Industry. I love designing and creating and I have had the opportunity to explore and develop these passions during some amazing internships and placements which included Canon Europe, Selfridges London, Brown Thomas Ireland and Superunion Branding Agency London.

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Liberate - Wellness Card Deck

Liberate is a wellbeing deck of cards that aims to act as a comfort tool for millennial woman in today’s stressful and demanding society. The cards are decorated with my artistic, collage creations that exude femininity, beauty and power. This is accompanied by inspiring messages and advice from woman all over the world that were involved in my project. Together, the cards are a tool to help support our wellbeing.

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The Process

Gathering content that had substance was very important to me. I created Typeforms, surveys, group chats, Reddits, all to gather the valuable content, which along with the artwork is the essence of the project. From this, I could write the cards, create the artwork and develop digital platforms that I knew my audience would engage with. I used mind maps, imagination and created feedback forms to help develop inspiring, beautiful artwork that spoke to my audience. Furthermore, I carried out detailed user testing to help develop a digital card deck on an app.

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The Solution

The final result of my project was beautiful and inspiring. A project I am very proud of. I have created a wellbeing deck of cards for women in their 20’s and 30’s. The card deck consists of 50 printed cards. Each card is beautifully decorated with my collage art that reflects accompanying encouraging messages.

There is also a digital version of the deck which can be accessed through an IOS app. Furthermore, there is a community based website where helpful topics and articles are posted. In preparation for the release of my product I carefully planned out a launch strategy which included social media content creation and market research.

You can take a look at my promotional website here.

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