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Designing has been a passion of mine from a very young age before I even knew what design was. I knew that I would eventually be part of some sort of creative industry. I believe when creating something it is paramount that simplicity and practicality are at the foremost importance. To quote a TV show, “Make it simple, but significant.” This drove the design aspect of my final year project ‘Entry’ a subscription based application designed to help students save money when going out to clubs and events.

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Entry is designed to help people save money when on a night out by having their club entrance fee paid monthly at a cheaper rate rather than pay at the door every time. This also opens possibilities for people to move around different clubs without worrying about wasting money on getting in.

Entry is a NFC integrated bracelet and mobile application that allows the user to access clubs and bars without paying an entrance fee at the door. The user simply scans their bracelet against a receiver at the door of the club and they're in!

As well as the bracelet and the app I have a supporting website that tells the user what Entry is all about and walks them through how to use their entry bracelet.

The Process

Creating Entry started with a lot of research on subscription services, NFC and app design. Following this research I jumped straight into the sketching out what I wanted the app to look like, this is one of my favourite stages of the process. I love trying to fit every idea I have together into a product that not only looks good but is practical also. I bought lots of NFC chips and created a rubber bracelet prototype that displays details when scanned this gave me a good indication of how well the bracelet would work in a real scenario.

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Final Outcome

I used XD to make a prototype of the Entry app, this is exactly how I would like the app to look if I were to get it made. I went for a neon blue design to fit in with the feel of a nightclub - from the beginning of the project I always wanted the app to look at home in any nightclub, which meant a dark background and neon typefaces. The app allows you to scan into clubs, see where your friends have scanned in to and check out what is happening where.

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