Aoife McLaughlin

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I’m Aoife and I’m a 23 year old designer with a keen interest for UI/UX Design, Illustration and typography. I completed my placement year working with brands such as Celerion, Premiere People and various other businesses.

My Final year project is an application called Parachute. It is essentially a travel buddy to make sure you arrive at your destination safely.

I am currently available for work and looking for new opportunities.

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Parachute is an app, specifically directed towards women. It’s a get home safe app, designed to help women feel safe and comfortable traveling alone whether it’s after dark or in a new environment.

Get home safe” “Text me when you get home“ “Don’t be walking alone this late at night”.

For decades women have carried pepper spray in their handbags and put keys in-between their fingers in a car park at night. I thought to myself there must be some sort of way to combat this digitally.

Most women at some stage in their life will feel uncomfortable walking home alone at night-time. Particularly in a new city, learning new routes and meeting new people. How might I help make women feel more comfortable walking at night-time, whether it be in their home city or a brand new environment?

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The Process

After completing lots of research about my users (surveys, user testing, user personas) I decided to get stuck into the design process. Because the app is designed to be used when the user is feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, the layout of Parachute needed very close attention.

I also spent a lot of time really refining the brand and colours associated with it. I wanted a very friendly feel to the app, so it would give connotations of the “buddy” element to the app.

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The Outcome

I created a finished prototype on Adobe XD to showcase how exactly the app would work and how the pages would flow together. I also created a demonstration video and a promotional video to build a bigger audience for Parachute.

You can view the full case study on my portfolio website