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Joni is an educational mobile app to educate and empower young adults through inclusive, comprehensive sex education with a focus on the emotional aspects.

The Joni brand extends to a conversational card game, which presents young adults with sex-related scenarios including consent, safe sex and identity, where they can discuss their opinions and empathise with their peers.

Joni's goal is to help young adults feel prepared for these tricky situations, which current RSE skims over.

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The Process

Joni was created for teenagers and young adults from all walks of life. My research informed me that several young people couldn't access relevant sex education in school, so it was important to me that young people felt represented and accounted for in sex education resources, whether that be in regard to gender, sexuality, religion or race. The target age group is 16-20, as the content is focused on updating RSE for an audience that spends most of their time online, which opens new concerns regarding consent and safety.

My user interviews and desk research informed much of the content as well as the design. Discovering how young adults interact and consume content online helped me to determine the best format and relevant conceptual models for my project. A user survey I conducted found that almost all 30 respondents complained that there was a huge gap of education on consent and sexual/gender identity, so this informed the app content.

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The Outcome

The completed mobile prototype includes features such as educational flashcards, videos, podcasts and blogs, as well as a forum feature where people can get advice from professionals such as therapists and doctors. Topics include safe sex, identity, consent and relationships.

The card game features a range of scenarios that young adults may find themselves in, along with some discussion prompts. This will fuel conversations and help prepare teenagers for sex and relationships.

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