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Why Space Craft?

The pandemic has reshaped our approach to interior design, with a growing reliance on E-design due to limited access to event spaces and materials. However, existing E-design tools often lack user-friendliness and realism. This presents a challenge in effectively planning and furnishing event spaces.

Space Craft is a mobile app and virtual reality tool. that helps event planners, event host and event clients. find suitable event centres and give them the opportunity to craft and plan their events to suit their needs.

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The Process

Creating the space craft idea was an exciting journey. It all started with my passions and hobbies, particularly my love for architecture and interior design. I wanted to make interior design accessible to everyone because over the years I realised existing tools were often complicated, cluttered, and didn't produce realistic designs. So, I came up with a solution: a user-friendly tool to help people furnish their space according to their style preferences. For example, if someone loves green, they can easily design their space with green furniture and decor. I also used Rayon Design which is a new interior and and arhitectural tool to design the floor plan I used for the project. This tool would not only make planning simpler but also provide a clear plan for interior designers to bring the design to life.

I started by conducting user research and surveys to understand my target audience's needs. I had serval interviews with an interior designer, event decorator, event planner, a property manager and a bridge groom. I analysed there responses through thematic analysis revealed insights that guided the project. I also created a matrix feasibility map to rank the various features in terms of priority. Moreover, I crafted UX maps to visualise user journeys and developed service models, user flows, and information architectures to structure the platform. By developing wireframes and evolving them from low-fidelity to high-fidelity mockups, I ensured a thorough and refined design process. The outcome is a high-fidelity prototype for both mobile and virtual reality, ready to make a significant impact! I also conducted user testing with my potential users and iterated the changes.

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The Outcome

Creating Space Craft has been a challenging but enjoyable experience. As my first VR design, it allowed me to express my love for interior design in a new medium. I explored tools like Rayon Design for drawing architectural plans. The outcome is a high-fidelity prototype for both mobile and virtual reality, ready to make a significant impact! 🚀 Through this project, I developed a comprehensive understanding of VR design, merging my passion for interior design with cutting-edge technology. The prototype effectively meets user needs and provides an immersive and user-friendly experience. Conducting user testing and iterating on feedback has refined the final product, ensuring it is both functional and visually appealing. 🌟 This project marks the beginning of my journey with VR design, and I look forward to integrating Space Craft into various sectors, offering innovative and transformative experiences.

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