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Gig Book

As a passionate gig goer, I find that traditional methods of creating a physical scrapbook are time-consuming and not convenient in our fast-paced, connected world. Photos and videos are easily accessible on my phone, yet there’s no suitable digital platform for storing and revisiting these memories.

Gig Book is a digital platform to visualise and immerse yourself back to a gig. The product will take form as a mobile app and will be a new digital way for users to save, document and enjoy their concert experiences. Gig Book is for users who want to remember the gigs they have been to by being able to upload various photographs and videos and writing a little about the night via different prompts. Some of these include who you went with, the setlist for your night, what your favourite song was and being able to rate the night.

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The Process

I started off the project with pen and paper to get ideas for the project, and for name generation of my brand. This method was also used to sketch out different screens for the project and to work out the flow of the app from screen to screen.

From my sketch book I made the designs digital by firstly creating simple wireframes with grey boxes to then using these wireframes as a basis for the actual designs but adding colour and real images giving it a more realistic feel.

This is where I started to think about what and how I wanted my brand to look and feel. I looked at images of concerts and gigs and picked out contrasting colours. Gigs tend to be dark but with bright lights shining on the artist, this is the type of feel I want my brand to also have.

I got feedback on both my mid fidelity designs and the branding of my product. From this feedback and worked off it to improve the look and feel of the app.

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The Outcome

This project has been challenging in some aspects but for the most of it I enjoyed the process of creating something that interests me. This project allowed me to design something based around what I am passionate about as I regularly attend music gigs. I am happy with the product that I have created and think that it looks professional and something people would use.

By filling the gap in the market with an app that allows for users to help re-live and reminisce on their favourite concert experiences it will help enrich the concert going journey and foster a sense of connection among users within a vibrant music community.

I did some user testing and the feedback that was received people expressed that they would love to see this product actually made and on the app store to download and use themselves.

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