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SafetyNet is a digital solution to digital problems.

The mobile application offers a comprehensive and educational solution to address the safety challenges faced by teenagers online. SafetyNet provides teenagers with access to valuable and trusted resources, interactive lessons and an effective rewards system in order to learn more about their online safety, cybersecurity and digital literacy. The app’s friendly and engaging UI and content makes it suitable and enjoyable for teenagers to acquire essential knowledge and skills in order to protect themselves online, and to navigate the digital world with ease.

In addition to an educational app, SafetyNet offers a web browser extension which is designed to enhance users’ online security and privacy in real time while browsing the web. The extension provides protection against malicious websites, phishing scams, and intrusive advertisements, helping users stay safe from potentially harmful online threats. With fully customisable content filtering settings, the extension empowers users to control their own online experience and learn to safeguard their personal information.

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The Process

Getting started, I carried out extensive user research. In order to gain an understanding of what students are currently learning in schools about online safety, I conducted surveys tailored towards teenagers, providing me a good basis to map out what areas of internet safety that needed to be educated on more, and the most effective ways in which teenagers learn. I created several user personas and user journey maps in order to pin-point pain points and needs, and carried out competitor analysis to research effective existing educational solutions.

The next part of the process was sketches, wireframing and prototyping. For the majority of this, I used Figma, which worked best for me as I already had quite a bit of experience using Figma, and the development of my project allowed me to brush up on skills such as creating my own design and components system.

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The Outcome

Across SafetyNet's development, I achieved a great deal and created something that I am immensely pleased with. I tackled a very real problem that exists within our digital world today, with an innovative and meaningful solution. This project has given me the opportunity to refine my UX/UI design strenghts, such as the use of Figma and prototyping, and also help to improve on areas that I hadn't explored much before, such as user research and testing.

I was able to explore a variety of ideas and choose something that I was passionate about, which I had a lot of fun with. I am keen on working on projects relating to cyber-security, and ensuring that the digital world is secure and safe for users, while finding the most creative solutions for problems.

Check out the project's Notion page, or view the SafetyNet Prototype!

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