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Airo is a combination of an smart inhaler and an app which provides asthmatics with the tools that they need to to take control of their condition and manage it effectively

Asthma stands out as the most common chronic respiratory condition today affecting millions of individuals worldwide with an increase of 50% every decade. As asthma is a complex and multi-faceted condition and those living with it need to be mindful of many health factors.

Through Airo's smart inhaler asthmatics will be able to monitor their usage and capture necessary data that will then be sent to the companion app to be displayed in an easy to understand and track way. Airo actively uses smart technology to track patterns and provides asthmatics with knowledgeable information that they can do something with. Taking this a step further asthmatics can also recieve information in relation to their air quality and alerts if they have been in a bad air quality area for an extended length of time. They also have the option to connect their wearable devices to actively track their breathing rate. Airo offers asthmatics a new approach to managing their asthma and helps put the power back in their hands

Airo is a project that was personally important to me due to the fact that a few of my loved ones have asthma. Through this I had insight into what asthma management involves, I was able to see the struggles that people who live with asthma go through and knew that I wanted my final year project to be one that helped.

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The Process

The creation of Airo began with research. I started by analysing available online information, such as studies on the correlation between asthma and air quality. Additionally, I also conducted competitor analysis to help me identify gaps in the market. From here I decided to design a survey to help me gather further insights from asthmatics and the parents/guardians of asthmatics.

After completing my initial research, I delved into the specifics of Airo's features, refining my ideas further. Once I had a clear direction for the project, I started working on the wireframes. To ensure that Airo effectively met the needs of its users, I carefully considered each element of the design before I moved on to prototyping. After prototyping the wireframes, I conducted usability tests with users.This allowed me to test my designs and ensure that catch any changes that may have needed to be made.

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As a key part of Airo is its smart inhaler I decided to create a 3D model. Similarly, for the inhaler, I began with research and sketching before proceeding to render a 3D model.

The process of creating Airo was a journey that I am glad to have went on. During the process I ensured that every decision made was informed through research and I also learned so much along the way..

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The Outcome

Airo is a project that's really close to my heart, and I'm thrilled with the outcome of it. This passion project has been a huge learning curve for me, boosting my growth as a designer. It's also highlighted the real-world need for a solution like Airo, which is why I'm eager to keep developing it and eventually bring it to life.

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