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Flare - For pregnant women with eczema

Flare is an app is created mainly for women managing eczema during pregnancy and medical practitioners monitoring patients. Hormonal Changes are a big part of the pregnancy cycle; with eczema, women may gain flare-ups for the first time causing an impact on their everyday life. A vague understanding of how to manage the condition can lead to confusion. Women may experience severe outbreaks, requiring close monitoring by doctors. Due to close observation, it would require face-to-face meet-ups, which can be challenging to schedule and add to the workload of managing patients in the healthcare system.

Therefore, Flare can reduce these issues by bringing in benefits to provide more for patients and healthcare partitioners.

The aim is to help pregnant users to identify their eczema symptoms by updating their condition using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tracker. It will then provide them with an insight into treatments they can undertake. In return, the results will be sent to do further analysation by their assigned supervisor. Flare is not a diagnosis app - it is built to ease the uncertainty and make life easier, so if there are any precautions to discover further, the doctor can contact them.

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The Process

Originally, the app was never intended to be created for pregnant women, my first idea was focused on creating a product on eczema for general use, however, when I was doing initial competitor analysis, the idea I was planning on producing have already been done, which is why I had to re-evaluate how the app could be different from other applications.

I researched the idea on pregnant women and further and discovered that pregnant women can develop eczema due to hormonal changes. Since they may be unsure of how to handle the condition, I developed Flare to guide users on how to control their condition. It was a challenging process in the end but I am satisfied with the decision because it is a topic that is usually unheard of and I wanted to create a product that would serve more of pregnant women’s needs.

I researched a series of suverys focused on pregnant women. The surveys were published on Facebook groups, howevever, it was difficult to gain insight into people’s views from users. Mainly because there are certain rules on posting content in certain groups, there were not many opportunities to get my post approved and sent. This was a disadvantage that limited my chances of gathering insightful information. So if there were more responses, it would’ve made the research more manageable and learn how I can provide more for people and know what problems to solve.

Although, the surveys were a setback in finding research. I still used the results and other gathered data to create user personas. I created two user personas (Pregnant woman (patient) and Docotor (Obstetrician) that indicate their struggles and needs. I gathered that close monitoring is something that I should develop on. And managing and understanding the changes to the patient’s condition shouldn’t be as stressful for them, including the problems the doctors are facing.

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The process of the Flare was an improvement from other projects I've worked on, after doing placement at David Henderson Design, I became more confident in showcasing and incorporating my abilities, especially in displaying a structured design system. This is where I moved onto wireframing. The intention was to create an app where users would feel encouraged to participate and enjoy thoroughly by ensuring the navigation between screens are accessible and consistent (especailly the Eczema Update Tracker feature) before creating Hi-Fi visions of them.

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The Outcome

Working on Flare has surfaced as one of the most promising and versatile works I’ve accomplished. It was challenging to base my app on this subject, nevertheless, I overcame these issues by seeing it as an insightful learning curve which can improve over time.

It has been an enjoyable ride. In the foreseeable future, I can see Flare evolving to become more prominent than it currently is. It is an app that has no limits in benefiting the user’s needs.

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