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Introducing MindIt

MindIt is an emotional development picture book and app for children that brings it’s story to life through Augmented Reality.

The aim is to increase children’s capacity to identify, regulate and express a range of emotions. At the age of 3 children are able to recognise emotions and identify them in situations, if a child is aware of these emotions but doesn’t know how to express or regulate them, this could lead to emotional and behavioural problems, it can affect friendships and their communication skills.

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The Process

To kick off this project I carried out initial research which included competitor analysis and user research surveys. the aim was to gain insights into what similar products offer, as well as what experience potential users have with emotional development products and understand what they’d expect from such a product. I wanted to get other perspectives and understand how participants might teach children about emotions. After sending out surveys and conducting interviews, I put together a list of features based off users needs.

After this I began sketching the book and app, the purpose of the app is to scan the QR codes within the MindIt book and show the AR experiences to the user. Once happy with the sketches I went onto illustrating the book designs alongside developing wireframes on Figma. During this I used Blender to create 3D models for the AR and once finished I exported the models into Adobe Aero, which then generated QR codes which I embedded into the book designs. Once the book was illustrated, AR experiences were and app was finished I started writing the book. I then carried out remote and in person usability tests to gain feedback on the product and apply any changes from the data I gathered.

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The Outcome

MindIt is a picture book for children teaching them about their emotions, it has Augmented Reality experiences throughout to transform your space into a story. The MindIt app supports the AR experiences alongside having two minigames to enjoy.

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