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Introducing Vesti

Vesti is a mobile app that helps reduce fast fashion's impact on the environment by allowing users to swap, lend and borrow clothes to and from their friends. The idea behind the app is to create a community of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of reducing waste and promoting sustainable fashion. It saves the user’s time, allows the user to keep track of their items and provides security for the lender.


The Process

Creating Vesti has been an incredible learning experience. Witnessing the project's evolution from its inception to completion has been truly rewarding. The process started with comprehensive research, involving consumer surveys, user interviews, focus groups and competitor analysis. This groundwork allowed me to discern the app's purpose and envision user journeys, site maps, and desirable features. Drawing upon the insights gathered during the research phase, I could establish some ‘user wants’ and began the app feature prioritisation. Once the research phase reached its conclusion, I sketched out wireframes and used Figma to design both low-fidelity and high-fidelity screens. In addition, I utilised Figma to create an interactive prototype, facilitating in-depth usability testing. This rigorous testing process was crucial in ensuring that Vesti's users could effortlessly navigate the app while eliminating any personal biases that may have influenced the design.

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The Outcome

The journey of creating Vesti has been an exciting blend of research, design, and meticulous testing, all aimed at delivering a seamless user-centred experience. I am very proud of the progress made and the invaluable lessons I learned throughout this project.