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Find Your Fit - Finding Were You Fit In

As I am a frequent member of the gym and I attend a small boxfit class in a local small gym near to where I am from. I decided to see if there was problem in these gyms in regards to members and people knowing about them. So after I completed my research I found that there is definetly a problem to solve.

Find Your Fit is a mobile application that I have come up with, which allows users to find small gyms near them where they can go and workout, attend classes and try out new small gyms away from the big gyms like PureGym that many people including myself can find intimating. the app will allow them to find where they fit in, be comfortable going to and hopefully creating a sense of belonging for them.

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The Process

The next step of the development stage of Find Your Fit was to do some research and development and really to find out if my app had any need in the real world. To do this I created and carried out user surveys that I sent out and put on my social media accounts and I got back good results that allowed me to make the decision that my app idea does have credibility in the real world. I then went and created user personas of the different types of people who would be users of Find Your Fit, I created 4 different user personas all different ages and interests as Find Your Fit is for anyone any age. I then decided that I would need to look at the different direct and indirect competitors.

As Find Your Fit will look to rival PureGym they are my main direct competitor, I downloaded their app and carried out an analysis on what I thought was good, what was bad and what I could do better in Find Your Fit. I also looked at some other competitors like the local councils to see what they offer in their gyms and then on google to see what comes up when you search for gyms. I also created some different user journeys of how a user would react going to a smaller gym vs a big gym. This was useful to see what user needs I would need to address.

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After carrying out and compiling all of my research I then started creating different user flows and different user personas and looking at different UI ideas for how FYF may look. I then skteched out my different screen ideas before then going onto Figma and designing different LO-FI and HI-FI wireframes this allowed me to see what my content would look like with body copy and images in place

Whenever I was happy with how my screens where looking I then prototyped them all together and got them working as if it was a real developed app. I then used and in person testing which helped me to improve the overall development of my screens for Find Your Fit

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The Outcome

Working on Find Your Fit over the last year has allowed me to show off my skills and really hone them even further from previous years and even learn new skills through Figma and my reaserch and development part of my design phase.

Overall I am really pleased with how Find your Fit has has come on since day one back in first semester. I hope to one day make it live across the country and help people find new gyms they are comfortabkle in and also help the smaller gyms get more business.

Check out my full project here and have a look at the Find Your FIt prototype here

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