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Renew is an application created to help people who have gone through major surgery. It assists them by offering dietary plans, exercise guides and wound-care guides which are all specific to their recovery process. The goal of this application is not act as a replacement to follow-up appointments with doctors but to provide personalised advice for the user. The application works in line with the user’s healthcare provider.

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Renew works by giving the user a personalised access code by their healthcare provider. This code allows them to access their account with their healthcare information relating to the surgery they have gone through. They are then able to access personal healthcare plans which are specific to their needs and the surgery they have gone through The inspiration for Renew came about from my own family member’s experiences recovering from a major surgery.

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The Process

I issued surveys to my target audience across different platforms including a Facebook group dedicated to people who had undergone surgery. They were able to give me feedback about existing features I had planned, along with advice for new ones. I spoke directly to people I know who have undergone major surgery. Through this I was able to gain a good insight into their struggles and consider possible solutions.

From here, I was able to begin creating user personas. I then sketched out my designs on photoshop and brought these sketches into Figma to mock-up. Initially, I created a lo-fi mock-up and got feedback on this initial design. From there on, I was able to build it into a hi-fi mock-up and gain feedback from my users.

The Outcome

Overall, while there have been challenges along the way, I have very much enjoyed working on Renew and have learned a lot along the way.

Recovery from a major operation can be a very daunting process so if something like this existed to help make that process slightly easier, it would be extremely rewarding. I can see myself developing Renew further to include more features which would be beneficial to those going through recovery.

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