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Introducing Bound

Bound is an app that brings the restaurant experience into the comfort of your own home. It offers an accessible and affordable alternative to dining out, allowing users to choose from top local restaurants and order meal kits with all the ingredients to cook restaurant-quality dishes. The app includes video tutorials featuring chefs from the restaurants, providing a learning experience while enjoying a delicious meal.

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The Process

To create Bound, I conducted extensive research to validate my idea and gain insights. I studied existing dining apps, analysing customer reviews and identifying common pain points. Next, I conducted comprehensive competitive research, analysing design elements, copy, and accessibility of similar services. This provided valuable insights and helped me identify trends. Based on my research, I identified essential features for Bound's success.

From this, I developed a set of primary features for Bound that I had identified the users needed. When I began designing my project, I knew that I wanted to start with sketches. Sketching is a great way to quickly experiment with different ideas and to explore different design solutions. I started off with creating wireframes that allowed me to focus on the overall experience without getting bogged down in the details. After I had sketched out a few different ideas, I moved on to creating low-fidelity mockups in Figma. These mockups helped me to refine my ideas and to create a more cohesive and consistent design. I then tested my prototype using maze and applied any changes from the user feedback and data I gathered.

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The Outcome

Bound is an immersive and memorable experience, allowing users to enjoy restaurant-quality meals at home. The mobile app offers seamless ordering, video tutorials for cooking guidance, and access to restaurant information. The supporting website serves as a hub for exploring restaurant partners, menus, reviews, and cooking tips.

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