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Philip McRoberts

Hi I'm Philip, A designer and web developer currently working with websiteNI along side some freelance projects.

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About Commit

Commit is a mobile app that provides users with a range of features to organise their projects and manage their notes.

My main goal with Commit was to create a simple app I could use to keep track of my projects and notes without a lot of the complicated features found on current apps.

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The Process


After deciding what I would work on I began to plan my research for Commit, this was divided into user research and market research.

Market Research

This process involved looking at existing platforms that help users with tasks and productivity and working out how commit would compare to them:

My key findings from this research included:

User Research

For my user research I looked at Indiehackers which has 12,000 posts on side projects and r/Sideproject which has over 62,000 subscribers.

Here I asked about users current tools for managing projects as well as issues they had with major programs available at the minute.

My key findings from this research included:


After my user research I drafted some personas to begin to establish a target audience and some of the features they might expect in Commit.

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After my research I decided to build a first prototype and MVP.

The specification for my first MVP was a working app that allowed users to track projects as well as a website that featured a blog where users could read about the development of Commit alongside advice for managing and organising projects.

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After my personas I then created some user journeys and work flows for the first prototype of Commit, these involved detailed write ups and sketches which I then used to develop the first Prototype.

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The key feedback from MVP 1 was that the branding and UX of both the site and app needed work and would become the key focus for the next iteration of the project.


After MVP 1 I then began working on my branding for the project with the following goals:

This involved a detail exploration of my target audiences and demographics as well as establishing a brand overview.

I then created a brand guidelines booklet to aid with the design of any other media for Commit.

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After completing the branding of Commit I turned my attention to the second area of improvement, the UX of the app.

I began by expanding upon all my sketches and trying out different styles and pattern before creating more complete first interface.

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The first interface featured a text based navigation no homepage, instead the user would be sent to the last used page when the app was opened and could swipe between each section of the app like pages on a notebook.

This iteration is shown below:

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After completing this design i tested the prototype and again had two major changes users believe would improve the experience of Commit.

The first, a dashboard like homepage that would allow the users to quickly scan what they have been working on.

The second was the addition of an icon based nav bar that would be recognisable to users and provide an easy way to navigate the app.

The final designs for commit are shown below:

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Whilst I was designing and wireframing a new look for Commit I took some time to set up a testing dashboard on bubble where I could build workflows and test datatypes for new features.

The features I focused on here were:

Thanks to the preparation made on the testing dashboard and the first MVP building Commit the second time was a fairly painless process.

But there were a few issues.

Native Settings

I always wanted to build Commit and release it as a mobile app however, bubble does not feature tools or guides for building an app for app store release… until the weekend after I built my second MVP.

I had also planned to use hyperbuildlabs for building a native version however their support has not contacted me regarding setting up the plug in and it appears they might no be in business anymore.

You can read more about commit at and check my other work at

I've also attached some screens below:

The final Commit Website

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The final commit app:

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