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Dan Gold

Hey! I’m Dan, a UI Designer and Front-end developer, currently working at Little Thunder. I love working on a wide range of problems, from scalable design systems to micro-interactions.

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Project and Rationale

My final major project is called Synthesesia, an experimental audio-reactive application. A combination of the words ‘synthesizer’ and ‘synesthesia’, Synthesesia enables you to create stunning visuals that respond in real-time to audio either from your computer, microphone, or even a MIDI device (keyboard, drums etc).

The applications for Synthesesia are endless, such as background visuals at music festivals, or ambient artwork for your phone.

I decided to take on this type of project as it gave me an outlet to work on something much more exciting and fulfilling, instead of run-of-the-mill product design. This also presented me with the chance to really challenge my visual design and branding ability, with no limits to what I could create.

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The Process

The process for my project - in particular - was much more sporadic, with lots of concept sketching and conversations around what I wanted the end product to actually be. At times I fell under heavy analysis-paralysis, where I almost had too many ideas to pursue!

After distilling the features down and mapping out the information architecture, I began prototyping in my design tool of choice, Figma.

In addition, I also took the time to learn the software ‘TouchDesigner’, where I was able to create artwork that actually reacts to music. These visuals were then included into the prototype, to add another level of depth and realism.

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Aside from interface design and visual effects, I produced supporting materials such as a brand guideline, and also a series of billboards, which to my amazement are actually up and running around Northern Ireland!

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The Outcome

I’m thrilled with how this project has turned out, and I think this was the perfect chance to just go wild with my visual design chops. There’s still more to come though, as I’m currently in the process of developing Synthesesia into a web application.

You can find more about my project and process at


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