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I am a 22 year old UX Designer and Illustrator, graduating from Belfast School of Art in Interaction Design. During my time in the Interaction Design course I have learned many new skills which I now apply to my work. I have also developed a great interest in user experience design which is one of my main focuses in my work now. Coming from a graphic design and illustration background I have gained more knowledge about the process and cause behind each design focusing on creating the best experience with the design.

For my final major I decided to work on a project that is very close to my heart. Aura has been inspired by personal experiences. I have been struggling with epilepsy for 15 years. I have always felt that there is a lot of stigma around the topic as not many people understand what epilepsy exactly is. My goal for this project is to bring awareness to the topic of epilepsy and help people who struggle with epilepsy in everyday life.

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Aura is an app which targets people that struggle with epilepsy and their loved ones. The main goal behind the brand is to create a safe space where people can record their notes daily and learn more about their journey while connecting with other users. Providing a perfect tool to help with tracking seizures also as daily symptoms and triggers to find the common indicators to prevent future seizures.

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Aura is an app which allows you to quickly document daily variables concerning your epilepsy, such as seizures, triggers, symptoms and additional notes. Record your seizure details and track epilepsy trends and patterns over time. Customize to fit your individual epilepsy through registration. Have a visual representation of your trends, generate all of your collected data reports and keep track of all your medications.

Aura allows you to add another user to your account through Aura Connect, with which you can share your data, location and send immediate alerts in emergency situations. Stay connected with your loved ones.

You also have access to contacting a doctor and the community platform where you can connect with other users. The community platform is a safe space where Aura users can share their stories, ask questions and share tips with other users.

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The Outcome

Aura app has been designed using tools like Adobe Illustrator for the main brand visual designs and Adobe XD to bring the app prototype together. The app prototype has been designed to bring you an idea of the user experience Aura provides and the potential behind the brand. Have a hands on experience of the app yourself – Aura, Aura Connect

Find out more about Aura at auraapp.org

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