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Hi! I am a user interface designer with a love to solve problems and educate people in ways to make their life easier through good design. In my free time I use photography as way to escape from my monitor and take a break from the internet.

I am currently open to new exciting opportunities & would love to hear from you.

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Introducing Racket. The platform to get the job you were made for. Racket is a job board application specifically catered to the design community and creatives. We can all agree that searching for a job can be stressful and time-consuming. Starting a new career can be scary and often involves a lot of rewriting cvs and attending interviews with poor results. Racket was developed to specifically aid in the job search process. Gone are the days of looking through pages of uninteresting job posts and receiving job results that have little to no relevance to your search.

Many job boards offer their services to a wide spectrum of people making searching for a job more difficult as it attempts to cater to the needs of everyone with these unfortunately falling short. We live in a time where our phones are a part of us and we constantly use them, this makes the opportunity to create an app much more appealing. Racket has been made with the user in mind, created features such as custom tags that will assist in job searches, matching the profiles skill tags to job posts.

The Process

Racket was and still is a long and painful creative journey. The idea came from my own personal difficulty with finding a job. I started with finding out what other job sites do right and wrong so as not to go down the same path. During this time I was receiving answers to questionnaires that I released to gain more background information on what people like from different job boards.

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After going through research process making user personas, empathy maps and other competitor research to name a few I moved on to designing low fidelity wireframes, from there I tested my application for what doesn't work well, what needs to be adjusted etc. After many iterations I was comfortable making higher fidelity designs designs and the final outcome.

The Outcome

Currently, Racket is a proof of concept, showing that there are much easier ways for people to find jobs within the creative industry.

Racket continues to grow in interest with more people gaining excitement with the idea. Many people have suggested that I continue this project and develop it into a working application.

My main aim for this project was to solve a problem and more importantly solve a problem that I face all the time. I believe that Racket has become a fantastic solution and needs to be shared.

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