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My final major project is called Pitchiker, an app that aims to bridge the gap between sports players and coaches. With an all-in-one coaching platform that enables coaches and players to connect through an online marketplace.

Coaches and players can then communicate through a tailored interface where training sessions can be planned, player performance evaluated, and goals discussed.

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The problem that Pitchiker is trying to solve is that there are no platforms out there that are designed for sports coaches and players to connect. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook are not tailored to the needs of these two user groups.

Pitchiker objective is to eliminate this disconnect between players and coaches. By offering an all in one coaches digital coaching tool.

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The Process

Over the course of the year, I conducted user research ranging from user personas to user journey mapping, competitor analysis and public surveys. From this reach I was able to distinguish between two separate user groups. This led me to the decision of splitting the app in two, so that both user groups have access to the feachers that they need.

Once I had a full understanding of the user group, I began creating low-res wireframes on paper. Based on these wireframes, I decided to build a Pitchiker design system to help me translate the low-fi wireframes into a high-res mockup.

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Following the high-res mockup of the Pitchikler, I used Maze to conduct usability testing. One of the areas some users had trouble with was misclicking on objects that looked like buttons but were not. As a result, they felt confused and frustrated. To fix this I made sure to change the styles of these objects to make it less likely for users to mistake them for buttons.

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The Outcome

Pitchiker’s journey from a problem to a delivery was a unique, inspiring, and rewarding one. It enabled me to exercise all my specific user-centric knowledge and skills I learned throughout my time at university.

Despite Pitchiker currently just being a concept, user feedback has set the foundation for it to become a useful, real-world product.

Ultimately, I am extremely pleased with the final product, and I am proud of the piece of work I have produced. My major project taught me a great deal, and I look forward to using my skills in the design industry after graduation.

Pitchiker Coach Protoype : Pitchiker Player Protoype