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Project and Rationale

My final year project is called Knowhow, an educational app aimed at benefiting children with (SEN) special educational needs at home so they can continue their education after school, weekends and during half term breaks.

The main feature of the app, Classroom is where users can utilise an interactive app to complete assigned classes according toa curriculum curated by their parents or teachers.

Another feature on the app is Makaton which teaches users how to sign communicate makaton. Makaton is a form of sign language that encourages the development of essential communication skills such as attention, listening, memory, comprehension and expressive speech and language.

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The Process

To kickstart the idea generation I used something called a content, frequency and platform mind map. This process helped me shape the app and decide what features it would need to benefit the target audience.

The user flow was important to establish because of the target audience being made up of mostly children with SEN (Special Education Needs) and so I wanted the flow of the app to be considerate of their needs.

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I produced brand guidelines and other supporting materials such as promotional material like a social media pressence, a promotional website and more traditional materials such as billboards and posters.

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The Outcome

I am really happy with how my major project turned out. When choosing to do an app surrounding education for those with special needs, I knew it was going to be a challenge but I am delighted that I went for it.

If you'd like to learn more about Knowhow you can visit my portfolio here - Scott Hogsett portfolio

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