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Buddy is a women’s safety mobile application that pulls all the necessary information into one place, enabling women to make safer choices regarding what routes they take and where they visit. It allows users to share their location with their friends and notify their closest friends of when they decide to take a route.

The incentive to Buddy came to be just after i had got my puppy and was beginning to take him out walks everyday. I very quickly became aware of how unsafe and scared i felt when out walking him alone. I wanted to create something that would not only provide women with all the essential information they need in order to make an informed decision on their safety but also just provide that comfort and relieve that we have so desperately been lacking!

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The Process

The beginning of this process consisted of a lot of research. Product research and competitor analysis allowed me to realise the importance of aiding real life needs. I found many apps that had a great incentive behind them but, really were only going to deem helpful once the user was in an unsafe situation. I conducted various forms of user research to ensure I was creating a product that could actually help women with their real-life needs.

Spending time on research enabled me to decide upon features that could actually help women make safer choices and feel safer doing so. After getting the features down I was able to start planning out my app architecture and what my user interface would look like.

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Incorporating my brand was one of the challenges I had to overcome throughout this process. I created my brand pretty early on in this project as once i discoverd the symbolism of a butterfly and the colours orange and purple, everything fell into place. Fitting this brand into my interface however proved much more difficult.

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The Outcome

In the end I have created a Hi-fidelity prototype of Buddy, that displays all its useful features and brand. I am really happy with how this project progressed. It ended up being quite a feel good project as womens safety is an important topic to me- dedicating time to creating something that I believe could actually aid womens real life needs is very fulfilling.

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