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My final year project is called Movease, which was created to minimise the problems faced throughout the home buying process. Movease comes from a combination of the words move and ease, which came from a core value of the brand which is making moving house easier. The product itself is a mobile application intended to act as a companion throughout the process and store important information for the user to help create a sense of relief and support. The app enables the user to follow a step-by-step process in order to reach the end goal - owning their own home.

I decided to create Movease after experiencing some of the issues people face when buying a house. The process is outdated and could be improved massively through the use of technology.

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I revisted my brand a few times and I am really pleased with the final result as I think my brand worked really well.

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The Process

The process of my project became more like design sprints, with lots of sketching and redesigning.

I created a variety of versions of Movease in Figma, to get to the final version. I tested Movease throughout the design stage to ensure the process made sense for users as it took a long time to make sense in my own head.

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The Outcome

I'm really pleased with how this project turned out and think the final result came a long way from my initial prototypes. However, I plan to continue with the development of Movease as there are still parts of the project I want to work on and believe that it could be an extremely beneficial app.