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The Project

My final major project is called Buddy, a smart cane intended for the visually impaired. Buddy allows the user to set their own destinations through the cane itself or through the companion app it comes accompanied with.

The Companion App allows the users friends or family to set destinations for them if they are struggling to use the cane themselves. It also allows them to track the user to make sure they are safe whilst out on their journeys. To insure they are comfortable with the journey they have to take they can view the steps required.

I felt like this was something I could really be passionate about as anytime I am given the opportunity to come up with a project I aim to design something that will help people rather than making something because it looks cool. I enjoy creating things that I know if it was out in the world a lot of people would benefit from something like this.

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The Process

The process of this project required research into how the technology for something like this would function from the sensors, to the tracking and the touchpad. I had to keep it simple for the user to understand and to do so that came with looking into ways for the cane communicate to its users to allow them to understand what is up ahead or what turn to take next.

After getting the ideas for these features it was all about making the cane comfortable and easy to use to allow the user to easily understand where everything is. This came with sketching out ideas of how to fit these uses around the handle for easy access.

Once I had each part set out it was onto prototyping the companion app, again making somehing like this simple and easy to navigate was number priority as I want the friends and family to be able to keep an eye on the user whenever they feel they need to check up on them.

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The Outcome

I am happy with the outcome of my project having something that allows the visually impaired to enjoy their journeys without feeling limited. The project followed a clear path of usabilty and I believed I have achieved that throughout allowing easy navigation throughout the app and allowing the user themselves to easy use each function the cane offers.

Working on a project such as this has made me want to work on projects similar to this in the future, projects that can help give solutions to peoples problems around the world.