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Punch & Rise

Punch & Rise is a boxing app focused on teaching people the basics and preparing them for a typical boxing workout in the gym. The app is designed to be used on mobile devices. The decision to create this app came naturally, it was one of the first ideas and one of most importance to me. I have been boxing for almost five years now and have seen many people come to a boxing gym for a few sessions before disappearing.

I also personally know how difficult it is to understand and conduct all the exercises you’re being told to do. The pressure ofseeing everyone else do these exercises flawlessly makes many people leave; it makes it seem impossible to reach that level without embarrassing yourself.

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There are many exercises that wouldn’t be called “orthodox” nor common, so creating an app to ease these first steps is something I hope to achieve. The app will use the most essential exercises that are done in most boxing gym’s, this way participants can become comfortable executing them beforehand. The choice was to stick with three core exercise sessions; shadow boxing, skipping and circuit training.

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The Process

The initial idea was to create an app which recorded the participant boxing and gave feedback based on their punch execution. So if, for example, the participant would do a hook that left their other hand exposed, the app would mention this after the session.

The biggest problem was acuracy which heavily depended on the participants device being used. From my research I found that 96 out of 138 survey participants said they would be skeptical of the accuracy of such an app.

After changing the idea to what became the final outcome, I done many sketches, wireframes and possible app flows to see what best suited the interface. I mainly used Affinity Designer for most of the digital content and kept a sketch book of all ideas.

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I then tested the prototypes in InVision before coming up with the final appeal of the app. During this time I was also learning to use new software; InVision, Miro and Affinity Publisher are software that I either never used before or had very limited knowledge on.

I did a lot of research regarding other boxing and exercise apps, finding out what was considered normal practice regarding workout apps and what aspects of the app would be most beneficial to users. I had a lot of fun figuring this out because it meant the outcome of the app would be much more user-oriented and beneficial.

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The Outcome

Punch & Rise was a project that was both challenging and fun. In the end, the app came a long way from how it looked at the start. The app is something that has the possibility of creating enough competition to make other boxing apps step up their UI design and purpose. In the end, I am very happy with how the project turned out and feel like its design has what it takes to make newcomers more comfortable with the sport.

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