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LookOut is an application that’s used to help construction employees manage their physical health. By using scans to help improve their posture on site and manage it through the use of exercise and visible progress. Using this application will allow people to take care of themselves rather than spend large amounts of money on braces or spending time and money on therapy from injuries they could avoid or treat themselves by using exercise and regular checks to keep on top of their joint health as they age or simply as they do their jobs.

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For the app I looked at several different avenues for ideas. Looking at what people would be using the app for and what they could do but also how UI could be used to solve the issue and looking at what the problem is in more detail.

The UI was sketched for different mediums of delivery such as the phone and google glass due to some advantages it had for the use of this idea over a phone.

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The Process

My process had a lot of over complication in it. I tend to add too much and make a cluster of ideas when I need to narrow it down to one per page. Using XD I was able to create prototypes of the app and fix the issues I had such as clutter, spacing and overflow.

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Things like sound and visual effects were key to me as one of the main issues was making the usage of the app as clear as possible through feedback on what people do in the app so they can operate it without the need for onboarding screens.

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The Outcome

The Outcome is a working UI that has three diffrent sections. Scans, Exerices and Reporting. These three areas keep the app simple but effective as people can report their injruys, scan their recovery or posture in general and manage their joints through specific exercises.

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